Why Custom 5 panel hats in demand?

Every generation of humans has had one or other prime fashion items. From funky t-shirts to chained wallets there is always one item, which gets global. Currently, the popularity of custom 5panel hats is hard to match. Everyone has a different version of perceiving these caps use. To some, it reminds the times of the 80s and 90s when hats used to have skyward facing peaks, while for some it is a cool skating or baseball cap, which offers more visibility. Whatever might be the reason but these caps sure have gained lots of popularity and are among the necessary fashion item to possess.

Meaning of Panel

The term panel in a five-panel hat refers to the crown of the cap. When someone is talking about the five or six panels, they are actually referring to the front of the cap. All caps contain two sides and 2tworear panels but the front of the cap varies. Five-panel caps have a single panel of fabric folded in such a way that it matches the rest of the shape of the cap, leaving a small stitch of the line at the top.

Reasons for popularity

  • These caps are custom made and hence fits exactly to the size of the head. Since these caps are adjustable, one size can fit all.
  • One gets more exposure that is frequent. Since the caps are custom made they go with all the outfits that one wears regularly.
  • There might be different seasons when other fashion accessories are most suited but caps are always in season and in demand. Hence, caps turn out to stay always in fashion.

The fashion-oriented custom 5-panel hats have been a huge success since there release in 2016, and more premium high-end brands are incorporating them in their collections.