All About Email Filtering Services

Email filter is the service which is used to filter the emails or separate it into diverse folders based on the specific criteria. This is the service that gives you the option to organize all your business emails into diverse categories in an automated manner like separate folders or locations for personal, work, subscription and other services. Businesses mainly use the Email Filtering services to manage and organize the flow of all influx of emails and messages. The incoming emails are categorized by set criteria like subject or message content and sender’s email address. The email server then forwards the emails to your system based on the filters that are applied.

Email Filtering


What is Email Filtering Services?

The Email Filtering services employ the multi-layered, sophisticated detection engines so as to safeguard the organizations from malware, spam, advanced threats and zero-day attacks. With the best filtering services your organization can:

  • Secure the organization with 100% zero-hour protection, malware protection and 100% availability of the SLAs
  • Eliminate about 99.99% of spam messages with SLA for 0.001% false positives
  • Protect the infrastructure from DDoS attacks
  • Improvise the productivity of employees and reduce helpdesk calls with self-service solutions to the customers so that they can manage permit or block senders.
  • Handle all the graymail like the newsletters and mailing lists for de-cluttering and easy filing of the inboxes.

There are great modes of operation that are being delivered by the company that deals in Email Filtering services. These protection modes benefit your organization with valuable capabilities and services which include secure messaging, tracking and tracing messages, content control and large file send. It also eliminates the privacy and legal concerns by enabling the email to pass via gateway without getting stored beyond delivery.